Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Jonathan concedes defeat, congratulates Buhari

With presidential election results
from all but one of Nigeria’s 36
states counted, and the candidate
of the All Progressives Congress,
Muhammadu Buhari, clearly in
unassailable lead, President
Goodluck Jonathan has
telephoned Mr. Buhari to concede
The spokesperson of the APC, Lai
Mohammed, told reporters in
Abuja that President Jonathan has
conceded defeat.
He said the president called Mr.
Buhari to congratulate him on
wining the presidential election
held Saturday.
“The President called General
Buhari at 5: 05 pm this evening to
congratulate him for emerging
victorious,” Mr. Mohammed said.
He commended the president for
“that singular act”.
The Independent National
Electoral Commission is yet to
declare Mr. Buhari winner
because it is still expecting results
from Nigeria’s remote Borno
By the time the Borno vote is
added to the tally, Mr. Buhari
would have garnered 15,416,221
votes. All of Mr. Mr. Jonathan’s
12,853, 162 votes have already
being counted.
Celebrations have broken across
Nigeria as news of Mr. Buhari’s
victory dribbles around the

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